This is a great time of year to buy a new bike with considerable price reductions on this years models and also for a getting the right position on the bike before the winter riding and preparation for next
If it is a new bike you have purchased it is worth getting the set up correct for you even if you have managed to transfer some of the measurements from your old bike. Every bike brand is different
with slight variations in measurements and angles that can all of a sudden make those longer rides a little uncomfortable. We are constantly changing physically and our bodies adapt to new training
loads whether they are more or less. A bike fit should reflect these changes of flexibility, weight changes and fitness.

A bike fit is an evolving process such that if a cyclist is increases their hours in the saddle along with some flexibility work then they may feel that a more aggressive position is comfortable and hence may require a longer stem, the saddle height increased and handlebars lowered. Alternatively a competitive cyclist might start to favour a more relaxed and sustainable position when doing less racing and more leisure riding. It is therefore worth getting an occasional bike fit to assess any
changes that may have occurred to you or your lifestyle, even if it is the same bike you have ridden for years.

The key message is that a bike fit is unique to an individual and can change over time. An individual exercise and stretch programme may also be required to compliment the bike fit and also address
any niggles or injuries. Sometimes it is more about addressing the physical issues than the bike. Start the autumn and winter with both a physical assessment and bike fit at bikefly to achieve those goals
for the following year.
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